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What trends to look for in coming year?
We at HatMadders say : if you like to follow on supreme forces of Fashion Industry, like runaways of Mark Jacobs, Philip Tracy, Ellen Christine Millinery , Louise Green fascinating styles -follow latest updates on our “Couture” page. We will suggest particular style to Runway  look you desire.

You may as well get fascinated by  Bailey’s “WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND” 2012 story: then page to Baileys hats or maybe you are for inspirations of younger Kangol and City Hats headwear. For more traditional looks check Classical Scala, Stetson and Woolrich. .

City Hats’ designers Natalia and Diana created for you, who like raw edge brims  of crushable wools and fur felts new styles..

We do, however, know that HATS are fun – Hats become your personality. So keep on looking for new styles and keep rocking your hat.


 Briar Fedora   Street wear      Bowler or Derby   Rob Geller 2012 NYFW collection   City Hats

Mark Jacob Runway 2012 collection .


                                                                                      Kangol  Headwear