Hat Madders

…hats will change your world

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About Us


We are proud to introduce our new website-store to you with fall/winter and spring/summer collections.

Our vision:

We continue to focus on staying top-quality in all that we encounter, making our collections unique,

and constant searching for what makes  life special.

It’s the little things that count.

Dress to please yourself.

Update an existing wardrobe with exuberance.

Rock it (we mean Hat) because you can.

Live it because you have one shot at life.

Have no regrets.

Know that we all are unique – for strength lies in differences, not similarities.

Make a difference.

Let creativity be the evidence of the child still alive in every individual.

Have fun.

Live curiously, think what nobody has thought,

LetHATMADDERS.COM be the new class and culture.


  • We are a family that includes inspirational friends, neighbors who review designs, musicians, mother and father, and associates.