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Designers from Japan and America

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American Designers:

John is the Head Designer at Dorfman-Pacific Hat Company. ” Well, I am originally from Ireland, and I’ve lived in America for 20 years. So I combine my two lifestyles and come up with a hat line….”

Please visit  John Callahan designer page and Dorfman Pacific collections.


Christy Crown designer Tony Merenda gave an interview “Why do you think hats are back anyway?

It’s the best way to show confidence and sense of style. In a world of such fast-changing fashion it’s hard to stand out. You put a hat on your head and it instantly make a statement”.  Please visit Tony Merenda designer page and Cristy’s collections. Tony Merenda is a 2009 Hatty Awards Winner . 



Block Headwear was created by Cuban-born designer Ciomi McCabe who grew up in the hat business. Ciomi launched Block Headwear in May 2000 out of NYC where she and the company are based. Please visit “BLOCK” headwear  pages ; Ciomi McCabe is a 2009 Hatty Awards Winner;  


Japan Designers :


Since “Deserve”  has been launched in Japan as global hat brand in 2008, we have put our heart and soul to create it.

We pursue “REAL HAT” with the theme of brand, “UNIQUE & MODERN” which suits various life scene and sense of values.

Thanks for global experience and  knowledge, we adopt various materials, trends from many countries which leads our products to match global market……



Deserve は帽子のグローバルブランドとして2008年1月に日本でスタートして以来、様々なライフシーン、価値感にマッチするリアルハットを追求しています。

私たちは“ユニーク&モダン” をテーマに、使うたびに愛着がもてる帽子になるように一点一点を丹精込めて作り上げることをモットーとしております。

Please visit Misato Nakamura designs.

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