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John Callanan and hallmarks of Callanan Legacy

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John Callahan and Callanan Legacy.

Quality materials, hand craftsmanship, couture styling and affordability are hallmarks of Callanan Legacy.
Legacy; gift, bequest by will; special keepsakes handed down from generation to generation; luxury items that we never truly own but are caretakers of for the next generation.
Callanan hat making has a very long lineage; even the family coat of arms features a helmet festooned with plumes.

The first John Callanan hat manufacturer on record is found in Holden’s Triennial Directory of Cork City, Ireland in 1809. He had an establishment on the North Main Street. The current John Callanan was born in Cork City  and currently resides in New York City.

From John Callahan Designer Interview:

I am the Head Designer at Dorfman Pacific Hat Company. One of our labels, under the Dorfman Pacific umbrella, is the John Callahan Legacy label. It does say European designer, American style. And people go, “Oh, what’s that about?” Well, I am originally from Ireland, and I’ve lived in America for 20 years. So I combine my two lifestyles and come up with a hat line. I travel a lot, for my work, and I’m constantly looking for ideas. One hat, in particular, is this guy here. I was in Paris last year, saw this hat in a lady’s store, and I thought, “Well, this is very nice.” I also like the Aran knit work on there, and being Irish, that was totally up my alley. I try and design hats that will please both men and women. So this is a really very nice, comfortable style. So it’s non-gender-specific, and it’s non-weather-specific. You could wear this in the Summer. You could wear it in the Fall.


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